The footballer who has been in coma for 38 years

Jean-Pierre Adams is a former France international, and was born on March 10, 1948. He was a central defender and has been in a coma since March 17, 1982 due to medical negligence following an operation handled by a trainee at Lyon Hospital in France.

Adams was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. At the age of 10, he left Senegal with his grandmother on a pilgrimage to France. After arriving in France, he was enrolled at a local Catholic school, Saint- Louis de Montargis.

He played for Nîmes, Nice and Paris St-Germain. On October 13 1972, Adams made his competive debut for the French national team in a 1–0 home win against the Soviet Union for the 1974 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and played 22 times from 1972–1976.

Following a ligament rupture injury, on March 17, 1982, Adams went to Lyon hospital where he met a doctor who loved football and assured him he had to undergo a knee operation on an agreed date but when Adams showed up on the appointed day, there was a strike by doctors and nurses.

He was however hospitalised for surgery, and after an error made by his anaesthetist, he suffered a bronchospasm which starved his brain of oxygen and he slipped into a coma till today.

The Correctional Tribunal in Lyon found the doctors guilty of involuntary injury. The anaesthetist and trainee were given a one-month suspended sentence and a fine of $815.

However, his wife Bernadette has displayed great love for her husband for the past 38 years. She has refused to order his euthanization (assisted suicide or painless death, believing that her husband will come out of his coma one day.

While in coma, Adams became a grandfather, as his two children Laurent (born 1969) and Frédéric (1976) got married and now have children of their own.

Jean-Pierre Adams turns 72 on March 10, he has now spent over half his life in a coma. Each day, Adams is washed and dressed by his wife Bernadette who believes that her husband will be out of coma one day.

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